How to choose hangers for grow lights?

How to choose hangers for grow lights?

In a hydroponic system, the plants grow in a controlled environment. Since most hydroponic systems are set up indoors, the growers will need to replicate the natural sunlight with an appropriate artificial lighting solution. Grow lights are very important components of hydroponic systems to decide the yield you can expect from the plants. Here we learn about grow light hangers and how to choose the best grow light hangers for your hydroponic system.


Why do you need light hangers?

Know that plants do not benefit from the light that is not directly focused on them. Hence positioning the lighting source correctly is very important for the plants to grow. During the seedlings stage, the fluorescent and LED lights can be hung directly at about 2-4 inches over the plants. As the plants grow, the lighting system must be gradually moved up maintaining the same distance between the lighting source and the plants. Grow light hangers can best suit the applications inside tents, warehouses, basements, cabinets and other growing areas indoors. Using the right kind of grow light hangers can help ensure you harvest the maximum possible light from the lighting source for a better yield and also avoid light wastage. Today the market is replete with several brands of light stands and reflector hanging systems. Growers need to take into account several factors to choose the right hangers for grow lights.


Adjustable grow light hangers

Irrespective of which light source you go for, you will have to account for the plant growth. Fluorescent lights can do well when placed close to the plants. When the plants grow, you will need to raise the fixtures. As a general rule, since the plants grow quickly, they are prone to touch the lamps leading to burning of the leaves. Adjustable hangers can help easily raise or lower the light source depending on the plant growth. Hence they are the best choice you can think of. Here are two kinds of adjustable grow light hangers to choose from.


Ratcheting light hanger

LED adjustable ratchets come with metal gears that can support about 150 pounds. This set up can suffice the needs of even a large industrial grade LED grow light or any other smaller lights you can think of. The highlights of heavy duty ratcheting light hangers are sturdy metal gears, single handed operation and the capacity to support 150 pounds in total. These hangers can be used to hang the LED grow lights or any other equipment used for hydroponic garden. These hangers are far better choices than chain and hook systems as you can depend on them to keep the light source at the optimum distance from the canopy of the plant.


Light Movers

Light movers are a sophisticated choice over the light hangers. You can choose them if you can afford them. Light movers can help eliminate the hot spots below the reflectors and reduce shadows. They can also help increase the coverage area by about 30 percent. Since lighting is the most expensive part of the hydroponic gardening, you need to focus on this aspect to get the maximum yield by making the optimum use of the available light. Light movers move on rails and come in different sizes for hobbyists as well as commercial gardeners. You need to buy them as a kit depending on the specifications of your hydroponic set up.


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